VIVACITY IN-GROUND LED PAVEMENT MARKERS (or cats eyes and stud lights) are internally illuminated pavement markers to maximise their visibility in low light and low visibility conditions such as rain, fog and mist.

They provide a way for Councils, facility managers and OHSW teams to quickly and effectively provide wayfinding and safety lighting in public spaces, paths, lanes, car parks and roads, without the cost, complexity and emissions of overhead lighting. At ground level, they minimise glare in nearby housing and have much less effect on night-time wildlife.

 Vivacity’s range includes models with replaceable batteries, enabling Councils and facility managers to quickly replace lights at their end-of-life.

If you need LED wayfinding or safety lights for road and path applications, the Vivacity Stud Light range has a light that meets your needs.

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Vivacity Stud Lights have the following options:

  • colour (eg amber, green, white)
  • always-on (steady or constant light) or flashing light
  • uni-directional or bi-directional lights
  • solar-battery, with battery backup OR battery-only
  • 60mm depth (solar-battery with battery backup) or 40mm (single battery-only)
  • IP68 rating
  • 40 tonne capacity.

The lights activate when ambient light drops below 100 lux, and they remain on until light levels increase above 100 lux.

The life of the battery varies between models, ambient light levels and whether they are ‘always-on’ or a flashing light. Their expected life is between 5 and 10 years.

Each model is modular and has a replaceable battery, so that at the end of its life, the light can be replaced in minutes.

Solar powered LED stud lights have a small solar-panel set into the top face of the light. The panel is protected by a heavy-duty transparent face, which is designed to reduce the incidence of water and dust pooling over the panel that could reduce its efficiency.

A major advantage of Vivacity Stud Lights is that they are quick to install to provide wayfinding lighting, avoiding costly designs, civil work, maintenance and emissions associated with standard public lighting. 



Applications of Vivacity stud lights include:


  • road centrelines and edgelines
  • bike paths & shared-user paths
  • pedestrian crossings and walkways
  • tunnels & underpasses
  • underground & multi-story car parks
  • paths & walkways
  • laneways
  • paths through public parks, rivers and creeks
  • industrial workplace & site safety.

For wired lights for additional brightness, or lights activated by smart sensor technology for safety applications, then our hard-wired low-voltage light will meet your needs.


Vivacity Stud Lights have a durable metal casing that is epoxied into a hole core-drilled into the road pavement or surface of the path. 

The interior of the light is replaceable, enabling the lights to be changed over at their end-of-life.  This also allows the light to be swapped from a solar-battery to battery-only model if trees grow over the site, reducing their sun-exposure.

Environmental Lighting

Vivacity Stud Lights balance the needs of people with wildlife and preserving dark skies. They provide essential wayfinding light for people, showing them the way along paths through spaces in the dark.

Vivacity Stud Lights have minimal light spill, and will not disturb nocturnal wildlife, including mammals, birds and insects.

Vivacity Stud Light in Soho Park, Point Cook, Wyndham City Council 2


Low Cost

Fast to Deploy

Easy Maintenance

Replaceable Core

High Visibility

Always-On or Flashing Option

Improve Visibility of Road Centrelines

Clearly delineate the road centreline and lane lines in dry & wet weather, reducing the trauma and cost of side-swipe, head-on and run-off road crashes.

Improve Wayfinding Through Parks

Improving safety & wayfinding in the evening, at night & in early hours of the morning, showing people the way in unlit parks & along rivers & creeks.

Separating people & vehicles in industrial sites

Clearly delineate space for vehicles and people through your workplace with in-ground stud lights, to reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries at night and in low light.

Improve Safety & Comfort in Laneways

Provide soft wayfinding light and improve perceptions of safety in laneways.

Clearly Delineate Road Edges

Highly visible edge lines, particularly through fog and mist prone areas, to reduce run-off road crashes and expensive impacts with crash-barriers

Improve Visibility of Pedestrian Crossings

Ensure drivers and riders can see pedestrian crossings at night, with in-ground LED lights increasing their visibility.


Vivacity is part of the Polar Enviro group of brands, including Smarterlite, Safety Path and OmniGrip Direct.

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Level 5/15 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
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Vivacity is part of the Polar Enviro group of brands, including Smarterlite and OmniGrip Direct.

Address: Level 5/15 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 (03) 7004 7500 or +61 408 583 710

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