Vivacity provides E-paper and E-ink display technologies for timetables, public transport information, wayfinding and signage.

E-paper and E-ink Technology

Vivacity E-paper and E-ink technology provides readable, accessible, real-time information. It is more energy-efficient that traditional screen-based LCD and LED technologies, with its screens using solar power, batteries or mains power.

Applications include:

  • bus, tram, ferry, light rail and train timetables
  • direction and platform information in interchanges, terminals and stations
  • gate information in airports
  • indoor and outdoor signage, including regulatory parking signs
  • event information and directions.


A major advantage of e-paper and e-ink technology is that it can be updated remotely at any time, enabling real-time information and messages sent to individual signs, groups of signs or along routes. 

Parking restrictions, timetables, disruption information and event announcements can be updated within minutes, ensuring customers and passengers receive critical information and operators eliminate the cost of printing and installing notices across their network.

Key Services

Public Transport Timetables & Information

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Vivacity is part of the Polar Enviro group of brands, including Smarterlite and OmniGrip Direct.

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