Vivacity – Designer, manufacturer & supplier of LED Safety Tactiles (TGSI), LED Stud Lighting, LED Safety Systems, ePaper, Edge Lit Technology, LED Signs, Architectural Lighting, Digital Signage, Illuminated Signs, LED Safety Lighting.

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Vivacity is part of the Polar Enviro group of brands, including Smarterlite, Safety Path and OmniGrip Direct.

Head Office & Showroom:
Level 5/15 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 (3) 7004 7500 or +61 408 583 710

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Gus Carfi

Gus Carfi

Executive Chairman

Gus is the Executive Chairman of Polar Enviro, a group of brands that includes Vivacity. He has had an incredibly successful career culminating into one of Australia’s key environmental businessmen. He worked for almost 30 years at Visy Industries, one of the world’s great industrial and environmental companies.

Today, Gus heads Polar Enviro Group which operates the world’s pre-eminent Essential Services, Environmental and Safety company.

Polar manufactures real products for real impact and providing quantifiable profit to clients and communities.

Gary Commane

Gary Commane

Chief Executive

Gary is Chief Executive of Vivacity. He leads the development of its bespoke lighting products for road safety, building safety and public safety applications. With a strong background in global manufacturing, marketing and lighting, he enjoys meeting with clients to identify and solve their lighting needs.

Vivacity is a pioneer in commercial applications for LED Edgelit Technology, with key projects including lighting 13,000 bus stop timetables in London and 12,000 advertising panels for bus stops across Australia. Gary leads the integration of Vivacity’s Edgelit and other LED technologies into the broader Polar Enviro portfolio of solutions that reduce emissions and improve safety.



Vivacity is part of the Polar Enviro group of brands, including Smarterlite and OmniGrip Direct.

Address: Level 5/15 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 (03) 7004 7500 or +61 408 583 710

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