VIVACITY public lighting can be rapidly deployed to improve visibility and safety in low night and at night.

Vivacity specialises in bespoke lighting solutions for public spaces and commercial and industrial facilities, using a range of customised and off-the-shelf technologies as needed to solve visibility, safety and wayfinding issues.

Many of Vivacity’s solar lights are plug ‘n’ play; enabling high quality lighting to be quickly installed on existing poles and structures. This enables night-time safety issues to be quickly resolved – there’s no need for expensive and time-consuming engineering drawings, installation of footings and poles before a light can be installed.

Vivacity Solar Light at Tram Stop at night


Vivacity Public Lighting is available in a range of designs with features that include:

  • pole or bracket mounts
  • warm light or cool light
  • ‘step down’ timers to conserve battery life
  • motion sensors to conserve battery life
  • static or adjustable solar panels
  • battery upgrade options.



Vivacity’s extensive range of lighting has options that are plug ‘n’ play as well as options that require their own poles or brackets for installation on structures such as buildings.

Vivacity’s plug ‘n’ play lights permit lighting to be rapidly installed where a suitable pole already exists, with the light illuminating the area that night. Vivacity’s smart lighting solutions eliminate the need for engineering drawings, footings, large poles and construction equipment that take many months to complete – instead being implemented within minutes and providing light that night.

Many Applications for Public Safety

  • public parks
  • private parks
  • walkways
  • shared user paths
  • bus stops
  • tram stops
  • industrial sites
  • mine sites
  • camp grounds
  • caravan parks

Energy Conservation Options

Vivacity Solar Public Lights have pre-programmed operating modes to conserve battery power. Lights are supplied to only operate in the selected mode.

Power Management mode steps down the brightness at pre-set intervals.

Sensor Mode has the light at full brightness. If no movement is detected the light drops to 20% brightness. When motion is detected it returns to 100% brightness.

In-Ground Lighting Options

Vivacity has a range of in-ground solar-battery and battery-only LED lights for use on road and paths. If you don’t require overhead solar lighting then our in-ground LED pavement markers will meet your needs.


Low Cost

Plug 'n' Play Options

Easy Maintenance

Solar Powered

Colour Temperature Options

Motion Sensors


In response to research that lower levels of lighting and warmer coloured light increase women’s perception of safety in public spaces, Vivacity Solar Public Lights have options for brightness and energy saving. Less bright, warm light, reduces the contrast between lit and unlit areas, enabling people’s vision to adapt more quickly.

The Vivacity Solar Safety Light cost-effectively lights public transport stops, walking paths and car parks, enabling public transport agencies, Councils and Facility Managers to help passengers and people walking feel safer. Improved lighting contributes to actual and perceived safety of public transport, the overall customer experience and farebox revenue for public transport operators, and similarly car park revenue for commercial operators.

Public Transport Safety

Many commuters and shift workers use public transport at night, whether it be going to work in the dark, coming home after dark, or both. People can feel unsafe using waiting at a stop to board in a poorly lit place, getting off at a stop that’s poorly lit, as well was walking to or from the stop in the dark.

When people feel unsafe at a bus stop, their estimate of time is up to three times longer. Fan, Guthrie and Levinson (2015) reported that “For a woman waiting at a simple ‘pole-in-the-ground’ curbside stop with perceived insecure surroundings, a 10-minute wait seems to take nearly half an hour”. Another found “females were more concerned about bus stop lighting, security cameras, driver courtesy and low floor buses” (People for Public Spaces and Multisystems Inc, 1999).



Vivacity is part of the Polar Enviro group of brands, including Smarterlite and OmniGrip Direct.

Head Office and Showroom:
Level 5/15 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone: +61 (03) 7004 7500
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Vivacity is part of the Polar Enviro group of brands, including Smarterlite and OmniGrip Direct.

Address: Level 5/15 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 (03) 7004 7500 or +61 408 583 710

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