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Vivacity helps organisations reduce emissions and improve safety with advanced lighting systems.

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Vivacity LED Safety Tactile in central Melbourne

Vivacity LED Safety Tactiles (TGSI)

Improve safety & reduce road trauma for pedestrians with Vivacity LED Safety Tactiles. Bright, bold and easy to see for pedestrians using mobile devices, vision impaired, chatting to friends or simply enjoying the sights of the city.

Bicycle Rider Activated Smart Stud Lights

Bicycle & Scooter Activated Lights

Reduce crashes & injuries with Vivacity Bicycle & Scooter Activated Lights. Hard wired in-ground LED pavement lights connected to sensor technology that is activated by bicycle riders, scooter riders, pedestrians or vehicles.

Vivacity Stud Light in Soho Park, Point Cook, Wyndham City Council 2

In-Ground LED Stud Lights

Vivacity Stud Lights improve comfort and wayfinding, delineating roads and paths to keep people safe in the dark. Fast to deploy, delivering immediate community benefits the night they’re installed. Battery-Only and Solar-Battery options; with easy maintenance.


Feature: Vivacity LED Safety Tactile Blocks

Vivacity LED Safety Tactiles (TGSI) were designed to significantly reduce the number of crashes at traffic light controlled intersections. After installations of the LED Safety Tactile Blocks in Seoul, Korea at 20 major locations the number of traffic crashes, injuries and deaths decreased by 26.2%, 21.2% and 38.3% respectively. Updated Vivacity LED Safety Tactiles are now in Australia and New Zealand.

Pedestrians are more cautious of traffic and have quick awareness of signal changes.

Drivers can recognise the crosswalk light change at 30m distance at night time.

One of the most common causes of crashes at intersections is distracted and vision impaired pedestrians, including people not looking up from their smart phones before stepping on to the road. The Vivacity LED Safety Tactile (TGSI) is installed in rows on the footpath.  They are connected to the traffic lights and shine the same colour as the traffic lights.

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Completed Projects


Vivacity Smart Stud Lights have been used at three locations within the City of Melbourne as part of an integrated bicycle and scooter safety solution for high-risk car park entrances and local road intersections.

Bicycles and scooters are detected by in-ground induction loops, activating the lights across nearby side roads and a car park entrance/exit for one of the city’s largest shopping centres. Roadside LED signs and durable skid-resistant OmniGrip CST recycled-glass bike lanes also provide a reminder to drivers to look for riders.


Bicycle Activated Lights

Our FIRST installation in melbourne

Four sets of flashing, LED Safety Tactiles (TGSI) were installed at the corner of Swanston Street and Little Collins Street, one of the busiest intersections in Melbourne’s CBD for foot traffic.

Following from this installation, Vivacity LED Safety Tactiles were installed at city intersections and public transport facilities. 


TAC LED Safety Tactile Youtube Thumbnail


Vivacity is part of the Polar Enviro group of brands, including Smarterlite and OmniGrip Direct.

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